The Production Of Anti Oxidant Muscadine Grapes

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Facts of the Case:
I have been in business with this family owned produce store that specializes in the production of anti-oxidant Muscadine grapes. We have formed a contract given the results of how popular their product was: I place regular orders to be supplied with their grapes, and in return I make my payment within 30 days. They have filled out all of my requests in a faithful manner. However, on several occasions I was 15-30 days late with my payments. The company never charged me interest or late fees. Recently, I have formed a new contract with the son of the owners of the company. It was to stipulate a guaranteed price schedule to what I have been paying. At the time the son was only 17 years old, but it has been a month since his 18th birthday and he has not withdrawn from his obligations to the contract. With this knowledge, the contract is then affirmed. I’ve received notice from the owners that they will be doing business with a new TX company; thereby having to drop me from their client list. I have shown them the new contract their son had signed with me, and threatened them litigation if they refused to abide by these terms.

Contracts at Issue:
The contract’s, signed between me and the son of the owners, validity is what is at issue. Knowing the family, they will cover every detail of litigation. The son, who signed the contract, although he was only 17 at the time, he allowed too much time to past after his 18th birthday. Had the son withdrew or rescinded…
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