The Production Of Books Changed Over The Last Twenty Five Years Essay

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I. Research Question and Objectives How has the production of books changed over the last twenty-five years? The focus of this paper is exploring the environmental effects of book production, the impact of the literary revolution, the changes in popularity of genres and authors, well known publishing companies and changes in book usage.
II. Thesis Statement With multiple advancements in the production of books over the last several centuries, the era of book digitization is our most current look into the future of the book industry.
III. Background “A book exists, simultaneously, as a physical object, a sign system, the end product of diverse arts and labors, and the starting point for intercultural and intracultural communication” – Cathy Davidson (1988). Written word has survived centuries, dating back to 2400 BC, and progressing over time to become what we now know as books (Florida State University, 2007). From papyrus scrolls and vegetable-fiber paper, the introduction of the paper mill, and type printing and etchings, books have come a long way. The biggest advancement in the production of books was the printing press, created by Johannes Gutenburg, which supplied authors with an efficient and effective way to publish their work. Since Gutenberg’s printing press, the book industry had been stagnant until the introduction of the Internet which brought upon a literary revolution.

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