The Production Of Cocoa As A Byproduct Of Cacao

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No longer the rare commodity handled only by the nobility of the Aztecs or European kings and queens; chocolate has swept the nation in its mad dash for confectionary world dominance. In fact, the production of cocoa, a byproduct of cacao, has been historically noted as one the leading factorings in economic and social change among the people of Ghana (Okali, 8). But in its race for perfection, it has seen its fair share of gains, and ultimately its share of downfalls. From child labor to rises in cacao prices, to curing diseases and feeding a health centered nation; the theobroma cacao tree has become one of the world’s most interesting and controversial plants ever. And the various extracts of cacao and theobromine have been for many years used as medicine due to their cardiac and diuretic properties (Cuatrecasas, 439). But do any of these goods out way the bad? And just how useful or harmful can this tree really be to those closest to it? At its end, the cacao tree has great room for development, but even more so from a social and economic standpoint. Introduction Chocolate, one of America’s favorite treats, is one that is not only steeped in rich flavor, but deep in history, economic, and social significance as well. It’s often scarcely known to the general populace as to the where this sweet item first originated or what brought it into our candy stores. But in spite of this, there are two things that can be duly noted about chocolate: one, is that it
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