The Production Of Electrical Energy

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The production of electrical energy is considered a key of our present day society. The purpose of this report is to discuss and explain a natural resource that is renewable which will be the production of electrical energy in the future. Wind farms are Australia’s most popular source of energy as for the reason of being a sustainable renewable energy. Wind farms market in producing electricity across AUS is only 3% but over a choice Australia would rather wind farms to be used more in producing Australia’s electricity .Wind farms is the lowest cost renewable energy that uses airflow to produce electricity. This technology makes up 3% of Australia’s electricity suppling over 1.3 million homes with power according to origin energy that hold over 4.3 million customer accounts in Australia.
State Installed capacity (MW) Number of turbines Number of projects South Australia 1205 561 16
Victoria 939 454 13
Western Australia 491 308 21
New South Wales 282 170 9
Tasmania 310 124 7
Queensland 12.5 22 2
Northern Territory 0 0 0
Australian Capital Territory 0 0 0 3240 1639 68
Most wind turbines and wind farms are located in the southern parts of Australia. South Australia and Victoria have the most installed wind farms across all states in Australia. This table displays the frequency of wind turbines installed in each state with an amount of megawatts produced. Wind farms are located in coastal areas near by the sea where the wind is fairly constant but always windy.…
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