The Production Of Jaguar Land Rover Must Have An Efficient Line Of Production

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Manufacturing operations are crucial to our company. To be successful and satisfy consumers, Jaguar Land Rover must have an efficient line of production. The operations management team is primarily concerned with overseeing, designing, and controlling the process of the business operations in the production of our goods. While we have been prosperous in the past, it is critical that we change our production process from just-in-case manufacturing to just-in-time manufacturing. Not only will implementing this new practice allow us to maintain our success, it will also allow us to surpass it and achieve an entire new level of prosperity. Just-in-time manufacturing, also known as lean manufacturing, is defined as producing “only what is…show more content…
Again, prices will be cut and reduce our company’s perceived value (Conrad “The Advantages of…”). As a result of this overproduction, another negative effect of just-in-case manufacturing is a decrease in cost efficiency. The most obvious costs would include storage and warehouse expenses (Conrad “The Advantages of…”). In order to have these large inventories, there have to be places to hold such large quantities of goods. Storage costs comprise of preserving the accumulated product to ensure that it functions properly. If the cars or parts are unable to perform, stock might have to be discarded, increasing physical waste. The products lost mean that money and opportunity for profit are lost. In addition to storage costs, there are also warehouse expenses, in which energy consumption, personnel, and assorted equipment are needed to maintain the facility and product. Since our just-in-case manufacturing method requires that we make large amounts of cars, we need places to store them. The more product, the more warehouses, which means there are more warehouse costs that will diminish any profit that we make. A third disadvantage of applying JIC manufacturing operations is having lower quality assurance methods and even further, lower customer satisfaction (“Just-in-case and just-in-time…”). While the just-in-case system is beneficial in

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