The Production Of Lean Manufacturing Essay

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Introduction: The idea behind the lean manufacturing is to work relentlessly on eliminating waste by the end of the manufacturing process. As stated by Cirjaliu and Draghici, (2016), lean manufacturing works as a collection of a number of tools, techniques and tips that proves effective for driving the wastes generated during the manufacturing process. Lean manufacturing as it is also known as Toyota Production System is one of the most basic and systematic form of waste elimination system. Lean manufacturing has become one of the most acceptable forms of manufacturing technique among the various manufacturers. The aim of the report is to analyze the advantages and limitation of the lean manufacturing process. A detail analysis of the system will be done by referring to a number of scientific journals based on the same topic. Analysis of the production technique: Lean production is all about gaining more by doing less, such as less time, limited fund and labor and also within a small space. Thus, five major areas that drive the lean manufacturing process are its quality, cost, kind of delivery, safety and morale. By the means of lean manufacturing, a number of advantages can be achieved. These advantages are:  Reduction of waste by 80%  Production cost is reduced by almost 50%  Flexibility of the system increases  Labor cost gets reduced by at least 50% (Bhamu & Singh Sangwan, 2014)  Capacity of the current facilities increases by 50% as well  Reduction of
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