The Production Of The Bacon Wagon

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Introduction The Bacon Wagon is a bacon themed food truck, primarily located in Orlando, Florida. A food truck allows for mobility as well as a tool for marketing. Bacon sells itself, people love bacon, and the Bacon Wagon specializes in unique and delicious bacon dishes. Orlando, Florida is a tourist destination, has several colleges and universities, a variety of athletic events, many food truck rallies; as well as business conventions; making Orlando an excellent location for a food truck. Legal Formation The Bacon Wagon will be registered as a LLC or Limited Liability Company. Food trucks have the potential to be liable in a number of situations, and to protect the owner’s personal assets the best option will be registering as a LLC,…show more content…
The Bacon Wagon will attain this goal with three objectives; providing delicious and unique bacon dishes, exceptional customer service, and affordable prices. The Bacon Wagon like all business have strengths weakness, opportunities, and threats; however, food trucks come with a few advantages and disadvantages that differ from brick and mortar establishments. The strengths are; a variety of delicious products, quality service, location, self- promotion, and mobility. The weaknesses; cost to maintain and repair equipment and truck, limited growth without additional employees, no dine in service, only one additional employees, and no brick and mortar location. The Bacon Wagons opportunities; potential to have multiple trucks, potential to open a brick and mortar, opportunities to expand the services with catering, and the potential to add more recipes to the menu. The possible threats to the Bacon Wagon; competition, government rules and regulations may change, operating cost, cost of food and supplies, and the uncertainty of the economy. Management Function Planning According to the text planning includes anticipating trends and determining the best strategies and tactics to achieve organizational goals and objectives (Nickels, McHugh, McHugh, Understanding Business). The Bacon Wagon implements contingency planning in the management function; because the food truck

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