The Production and Manufacture of Aspirin Essay example

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The production and manufacture of Aspirin Aspirin is one of the most consumed painkillers created up to this date due to its reliability and low expense. It is often used to relieve minor aches and pains, reduce fever and as an anti-inflammatory medication. Due to its wide range of uses, the demand for this pharmaceutical is very high. As a result, manufacturers who produce this drug must be efficient in order to reduce the time taken to produce this drug and produce the in very high quantities. Industrial production of Aspirin is dependent on the company producing the drug; however the general method of production is known as slugging or dry-granulation. In this method, corn starch is mixed with pure water and is then heated and…show more content…
One problem that may occur is that as you increase the scale of a reaction, the time taken for a procedure would increase massively and so an allowance must be made. This is a problem because the tablets need to be produced in as less time as possible in order to fulfill consumer demand for the product. Another problem in scaling up reactions is that you will be dealing with much larger quantities of chemicals so the risks of using the chemicals may also increase e.g. Toxic vapors, flammability, etc. The only chemical that can cause this problem in this reaction is Acetylsalicylic Acid which is an irritant and also harmful. Another problem that can occur is that using bulk chemicals can increase the amount of impurities. The number of impurities may increase due to things such as side reactions and decompositions. These impurities may also increase due to leakages in the system and this would be dangerous in a process such as the production of Aspirin as it may result in the Aspirin tablets being too impure to consume.
It is important to control temperatures in these bulk reactions as you want to have a high percentage yield but you also want a fast rate of reaction. In order to receive a high percentage yield of Aspirin, you must use a low temperature as the forward reaction is an exothermic reaction. However this would result in a low rate of reaction. As a result, you must compromise in order to get a good
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