The Production of Video Games Taught At School

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An electronic device in which a player would control the images on the screen is known as video games (WorldBookStudent). Video games are the basis to why some students do not do well to school. This is because these students would get the “video game addiction” in which the games “would take over the lives of a kid.” Is this a psychological disorder like the others stated within the DSM-IV? The answer for this is no (CRCHealthGroup). This addiction however is not a mental disorder, but instead many students may use video games as a stress reducer by releasing all their energy that they gain during the day on the video games. These students would only feel that a videogame is more interesting because it would have cool graphics and most games are multiplayer games which mean that they can play with their friends (VideoGameAddiction). This cause would lead to the effect of where students do badly in school because they would be too concentrated in the video games they play that they will have less time to do any homework which will lead them to not understanding the concept within what the lesson is about. From this adults can understand how students do not do well when they take tests and final exams. What can people do about this situation in this case? Since some students within school are addicted to video games, therefore the school system should provide a career pathway on how to create and program video games because it will allow these gaming students to participate
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