The Profession Of A Child Care Center Director

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When choosing a professional career, it is important to get a clear and precise understanding of what is required and expected of you in the chosen profession. Requirements and expectations include everything from education to work performance. By gaining this clear and precise understanding you will be able to do two things, operate effectively in the professional career and determine if the professional career is a suitable fit for you. In this paper we will explore the educational requirements as they relate to the profession of a Child Care Center Director. We will also discuss the results of an interview and observation conducted on a person who is currently employed in this professional career. Bright from the Start Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning is an organization that is responsible for providing the requirements to open and maintain a child care facility in the state of Georgia. The organization is also responsible for conducting routine inspections at the child care facilities. These inspections are conducted to ensure that the facilities are in compliance of the guidelines that are required to operate a child care facility. According to "Bright from the Start Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning " (2016), the education requirements for a child care center director are as follows: On Monday, October 17, 2016, I had the privilege of observing and interviewing a Child Care Center Director. The director has not been in the director position
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