The Profession Of Social Work

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One of the main purposes of my interest in the profession of social work is to gain the knowledge and skill set to effectively help, counsel, and accordingly, provide services for all individuals so that their problems and needs are met. The profession of social work can be rigorous, yet it is a rewarding career that I am ready and willing to engage in. With the career being very diverse, it allows me to devote to my community in a number of ways from working in mental health to provide adequate therapy for individuals, to being employed with Child Protective Services to promote the well-being of children. Social Work also takes part in the role of being an advocate for the equality of all people. With this being a value to the profession,…show more content…
Working with children has always been a true passion of mine. Coincidently, it is a top interest for me in the Social Work profession. Being a camp counselor allowed me to interact with every child in a unique and special way. My duties consisted of me helping the kids with their homework, aiding in their proficiency in reading and writing, and creating activities for the kids to keep them motivated. My job also included keeping word documentation of the day to day activities in the camp as a way to continue the funding for the camp. The job emphasized the importance of teamwork, along with making sure every student remained in good academic standing when returning back to school. This year I had volunteered at Northwest Middle School with a school social worker, a car wash for the sophomore class council, the boys and girls club, and the community garden that’s located at the Enterprise Center in Winston-Salem NC. The volunteer experience for all four organizations was very gratifying, and gave me the ability to work with individuals of all age groups. Volunteering at Northwest Middle School with a school social worker involved me meeting and communicating with other school social workers, learning about the court system, and nevertheless, learning how to talk and work with kids when they have personal disadvantages. The car wash established me having a closer relationship with the members of my class, along with me engaging and helping the members of my

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