The Profession Of The Nursing Profession

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The Nursing Profession

A profession as defined has five distinct characteristics that separate it from a job. Those characteristic include; an extended education, a theoretical body of knowledge leading to defined skills and abilities, provision of a specific service, autonomy in decision making and practice, and a code of ethics for practice. Nursing as a profession demonstrates each of these characteristics on all levels. These characteristics are up held by nursing organizations such as ANA, HIPAA, and JCAHO or joint commission. Each organization has its own domain to uphold, and expanding the standards of nursing for the good of patients. First, an advanced education role of nurse could expand into many fields such as a nurse educator, clinical nurse specialist, or a nurse practitioner. Each of these would require a degree beyond an associates’ such as a bachelors, master, or even a doctorate degree. The purpose for this higher education is to perfect and or improve upon skills as a nurse and to further educate one’s self on the reasoning behind why certain techniques and methods work. There are also roles for a nurse in a clinical practice that expands on categories that are ever developing such as informatics, the influential presence of nursing in public policy and health care planning. However, most of the continued education nurses are required to obtain is through case studies and conferences. Registered nurses are required to have fifteen continued education…

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