The Professional And Positive Experience Of A Patient And The Medical Staff

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Positive patient experience is crucial for the patient and the medical staff. Each employee plays a significant element in the operation of a well-run office. There are several aspects that fulfill the professional and positive experience of a patient. Healthcare has become an aggressive and enormously competitive business. Providers need to be able to understand and communicate with patients to ensure better customer service and meet patient needs. The medical assistant (MA) is usually the first contact, and the initial impression the patient has of the treatment that will be received along with the appearance of how the facility looks. People who choose the medical field have to have the makings of a caregiver personality. They need…show more content…
The smile and attention of the employee can quill and quiet those feelings. Being competent, reliable, and efficient is a necessity in any office, but especially in a medical office. The staff has to be on top of the data that is being collected to supply the physician, nurse and physician’s assistant with accurate detailed records (Sinha, 2015.). As a professional employee they need to be sure that everything is entered correctly in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Others count on a high quality of work. A competent, involved person will gain the respect and trust from new and old patients as well as the office manager and doctor. Healthcare workers need to adapt and be flexible in the constantly changing medical industry. Every facility is competing for patients and recognition. As a trained MA, a person has the possibility of being in three different health care positions inside the office - clinical, administration or lab. These shifts may be as simple as covering an ill co-worker or filling in a few different positions as a part of the daily routine. Adaptability is a fundamental part of emergency care. A medical office is similar to a business office. To be efficient and productive, the staff has to work together as a team. Personalities have to blend together and work off of one another. It is vital to get along, work closely and cooperatively. Cooperatively working together can always be a problem which may lead
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