The Professional Career Goal Of A Health Care Administrator

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In this paper, the topic of discussion is the chosen professional career goal of a Health Care Administrator in a Clinic in the Otolaryngology or Gynecology department, Administrator in a nursing home or hospital Emergency Room. I will speak on the health care career plan in the chosen health care sector, professional goals, and current acquired skills in the health care field, the skill that will need to be altered or changed. I will discuss the plan to achieving those professional goals, the professional organizations that can help achieve those professional goals, and the personal benefit the career action plan outline provided (, 2007-2015). The personal professional goals are to first decide if one prefers to work as a Clinic Manager in a large clinic setting or as a Health Care Administrator in a large hospital. After many years of working in the health care field in different areas such as Medical Records, Administrative support roles, and Surgery Scheduler. I would like to begin a long-lasting career as an Administrator in the health care field in the specialty field of Otolaryngology. I would like to become a Clinic Manager at a local hospital emergency room as that would allow me to expand my existing skills accomplished while working in administrative support positions in health care. The Clinic Manager is responsible for many operational and clinical functions of a clinic that could be in a hospital or clinical setting.
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