The Professional Codes Of Ethics

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The helping profession is a wonderful thing. Through the human experience, we experience a different range of emotions. Some good and some bad. Sometimes we hurt, and that hurt can be unbearable. Thank God, for the helping professions that can help walk us through the pain and the issues of our lives. According to “Chapter 1” in the professional codes of ethics section, there are different helping profession and each one has their guidelines of ethics to follow. It’s a good thing to want to help people and to work in the helping profession, but to help minimize the damage that could occur there are professional codes of ethics and laws put in place.
The focus of “Chapter 1” consisted of helping practitioners learn professional ethics which was pointed out on the first page of the chapter. This chapter explained the difference between (a) law and ethics, (b) aspirational ethics and mandatory ethics, (c) values, ethics, and morality, and (d) principle ethics and virtue ethics. The chapter explored the evolution of ethics codes, professional monitoring of practice, and ethical decision making. The chapter talked about autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, justice, fidelity, and veracity which are the principles of moral decision making. Chapter 1 also gave a case illustration of virtue ethics with a commentary.
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