The Professional Conduct Laws And How They May Affect Me

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Introduction This report intends to explain the critical aspects of the professional conduct laws and how they may affect me. Some of the things included that I will be touching on are the Legal Services Act 2007, the purpose of it and describing all of the different sections within the Legal Services Act, information surrounding delegated legislation under the Legal Services Act, cases that have occurred under the Act and the impacts that the Act may have on me specifically in and out of the profession. I will look in depth at delegated legislation regarding who is able to create delegated legislation and also finding a piece of legislation and giving details on what it is about. I will look at a number of cases, explaining what occurred in them, the judges involved and the final outcomes. Finally, I will create a conclusion which refers back to the objectives and gives a closing summary of this report. The purpose of the Legal Services Act 2007 The Legal Services Act implements policies and rules for the legal services in England and Wales to follow. The Act allows non-lawyers and lawyers to work together in businesses. On the 30th of October 2007, the Legal Services Act received Royal Assent. There are nine parts to the Act, these are: 1. The regulatory objectives – this section includes the principles and rules of the Legal Services Act and the guidelines that it is required to follow. 2. The legal services board – this section explains the regulatory objectives
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