The Professional Field Of Human Resources

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CDEV1020: Career Prep
Labour Market Assignment
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Due: November 26th 2014
Rob Straby
Professional Area of Focus: In this assignment the professional field of Human Resources will be focused on with an emphasis on the specifics of recruiting and selecting. Human Resources at its core, is a focus on the people within an organization. Largely associated with hiring, safety, wellness and training along with benefits and employee motivation, HR representatives are an absolute asset to a successful company. As such, it is a field that is continuously changing and is in constant demand. HR representatives provide direction to employees. It can also be referred to as a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing
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Some of these plans include job fairs, posting and even social media in today’s day and age. After reviewing the applicants and selecting a few for the interviewing process, HR is now ready to select a new hire.
Key Trends:
1. As mentioned above, the increased use of social media and the internet today has had significant impact on the Human Resources profession. This is the first trend that will be discussed. The use of social media is increasing astronomically, and there is no denying the power that this can have on a business or marketing for that business. Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are now an opportunity for an organization to not only build a brand, but positively impact organizational communication, and recruit new young talent. Many of these social media advantages are assets to an HR professional. They are things that can be used to positively affect an organization. It is important for an HR rep to stay up to date, and have all the relevant information at their disposal. The internet is one way that this is made possible. In the world today, things change quickly. Google alerts, hashtags and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn can ensure that an HRM is informed of changes as soon as they occur. Additionally, social media can be used to target specific groups of people that an organization may wish to hire in the future.
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