The Professional Golf Association Of America

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The Professional Golf Association of America is the largest sports organization in the world. The association is made of 28,000 professionals who are recognized experts in teaching and developing the game of golf. The PGA was founded in 1916. It is known to hold premier events such as the PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, Senior PGA Championship as well as the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. The PGA’s governance is led by a President and Vice President, followed by the Secretary, Honorary President, and CEO. These members make the decisions and determine the changes in golf that dictate the changes from era to era. Golf has revolutionized over the years. The PGA has developed into a major sport in the U.S. More and more people are spending their…show more content…
At the Northern Trust Open about a month ago, over 90% of the field tried to hit the green in one shot on a 320-yard par 4. In the past equipment has not allowed golfers the ability hit shots the way they are able to today. Irons have revolutionized to help players improve. Today, the equipment have grooves on them to enable to the ball to spin differently at contact. This now allows the players to fly the ball farther as well as spin a ball back when it makes contact with the green. The more control a golfer has over the ball the better they will be able to play. Putters have changed the game with the popular new item being fatter grips. Fatter grips can help the players have a firm grip allowing them to make more putts. In the past couple years, the big controversy was to allow the belly putter. This is a putter where the shaft leads all the way up to the golfer’s stomach. This allows them to keep the club align with their body. The PGA ruled them illegal just last year. This was a very important decision because players had to switch over from using those types of putters to the normal putter with the grip in both hands. Top golfers such as Adam Scott had to make that switch. Though this did not affect him as he has won back to back trophies to begin his 2016 campaign. During his 2015 season, he ranked 157th in the world for putts in a round. Now through this year, he ranked 44th. He amongst some others has made

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