The Professional Sports Team Is The Core Of The Group

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When we are talking about working in a team or an organization, management and leadership are the core of the group. Being involved in several organizations during high school and college, I am sure that without a proper person who is in-charge of taking the whole team to the end goal, success is out of reach. Without denying the fact that each person has their own strength, it does not push the need to have a person to manage them. A leader is supposed to acknowledge those strengths and has a vision of improving the effectiveness of the team. The professional sports team displays a great example of this. Let us take a look at one of my favorite soccer team, Manchester United. There are undeniably a lot of talent on that team. They have a reliable keeper, strong defenders, fast-paced midfielders and goal-scoring strikers. For 26 years, Manchester United was led by Sir Alex Ferguson and they have won many trophies and became one of the fearsome team in England. But when Sir Alex retired, the same team is now at the 4th place in England Premier League. On the other hand, Leicester City who was at the edge of relegation several years before quickly rose to 1st place after having some changes made to their management team. So, we can see that having talented players is second to having a great manager to lead the team to success. With that being said, leadership and management are somehow related but from the lecture, we learned that it is two different things.
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