The Professor Of Business And Psychology Tomas Chamorro Premuzic

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The professor of business and psychology Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic urges that there is a crisis of attentiveness “When information is bountiful, attention is limited and precious” (Tomas 1). The problem of paying attention occurs when we are bombarded with so much information from websites that we can’t focus from all this available information online. Our attention span then becomes scarce from lack of restraint and rules for using the internet making us a “distracting economy”. Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic claims that companies like ted talks, Netflix, and YouTube are “threatening to replace books and lectures, with education entertainment or edutainment” so that we may spend more of our time celebrating performance and storytelling, selecting movies to watch, or watching an infinite supply of internet videos. From personal experience with distractions i can agree with the Professor Tomas in that we are overloaded with information from the internet that our attention has grown smaller as with our ability of self-control. It is my belief that a majority people have very little self-control of themselves since companies are always looking to persuade internet users into getting our attention. The media has overloaded the worldwide web with information that is affecting the minds of people and causing them to lose attention. It is the purpose of Professor Tomas to inform the reader as to how and why companies distract consumers so I will be looking at what he calls a

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