The Profile Of An Information Graduate Student

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As an Information graduate student I look up to many people in the corporate industry but the one dynamic individual whose career profile inspires me and I am going to cast a light upon is of Mr. Scott Eckert. A seasoned manager with a vast experience in building high-growth businesses, Scott Eckert was a senior executive at Dell Inc. and was known as the founder and general manager of Dell’s worldwide Internet business unit, (Rethink Robotics). Michael Dell, was a highly entrepreneurial college dropout from Texas who paired with Eckert, a fidgety former consultant (Bain & Company) who favors khakis and ties. Scott Eckert has played a pivotal role in formulating the strategy that pushed Dell into the server market and is now…show more content…
This enabled strong customer relationships and increased customer satisfaction. One of the characteristics that distinguishes Dell from its other competitors is that Dell provides the facility to customize computers of their choice and taste and deliver the system to the customer as it is. This is the most crucial and critical success factor behind Dell Computers. Dell’s direct to consumer model concept helped them reach above-average returns and remain in business today. Customers have developed a brand-name loyalty to Dell because of their cost efficient differentiation strategy. Their strategic moves for their products created an image for themselves in the market and is the reason for their dominant existence. This enabled them to earn more market share in the industry. The customer segmentation that Dell focuses on is the corporate segment and large businesses form the majority of its clients. This customer segment targeting is more likely a result of its operational strategy and not the other way round. However, with corporate segment customers seeking high performance, reliable, affordable solutions, Dell fits in comfortably. Dell also appeals to those customers who want hands on experience of the latest technology and the idea of customized computers is very appealing. For Dell, it focused on providing superior quality services to its customers through its sales representatives. It also shifted
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