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Adrienne Rich and Paulo Freire have common themes on transformation and society. Both talk about the transforming of society and the relationships between people in their writing. Freire talked about the way teachers teach the students with no contradiction, as they sit there waiting to be filled with information. Rich uses a similar theory in her essay, "When We Dead Awaken," where she addresses society and the way they have been oppressed. While the two have similar theories, they have much different ways of expressing their argument. Freire used an argumental style of writing to address that change is needed in society, while Rich used poems as a way for the reader to understand her argument. Rich expresses feelings, emotions, …show more content…
Aunt Jennifer's marriage with her husband is constricting her life. This time in history women were merely housewives and played a minor role in society and the workforce. Rich does nothing to identify herself as a female poet, being extremely timid in her writing, hoping to go undetected as a female. Her emphasis of the word "tiger" relates to the freedom they possess. In this poem her opinion begins to be formed as the tigers, which represents women, "do not fear the men beneath the tree" (Rich 633).

Rich wanted to be able to write fully with no constraints. This somewhat contradicts the view of this poem as Aunt Jennifer is constantly "ringed with ordeals she was mastered by" (Rich 633). She was only able to write when she had the time to escape her family life, writing at the times that were convenient for both her husband and children. The person in the poem is "as distinct from myself as possible, putting the woman in a different generation" (633). Rich is emphasizing that she wants to break away from the current generation of society to be more like the tigers who roam freely.

The Poem "Snapshots of a Daughter-In-Law" is the beginning of the transformation in her writing. Before writing this poem Rich went out and got married in order to live a "full life" (635). Soon after

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