The Program Director Of A Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Essay

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The Program Director of a psychiatric rehabilitation program faces many challenges both internal and external of the organization. Program Directors are typically responsible for activities such as financial forecasting/budgeting and monitoring; ensuring regulatory compliance; ensuring staff clinical and cultural competence; the development of new service lines to respond to community needs; program implementation; program evaluation; fostering and maintaining community relationships; overseeing the overall recruitment and retention efforts of his/her program(s); overseeing the overall progressive discipline and termination of unsatisfactorily performing staff; and ultimately, maybe most importantly, setting a positive example for the Assistant Program Director and Service Team leadership while developing a Program Director succession plan. The powerful Program Director have many lines of connection and consequently will let go of control down the chain of command, developing more independently functioning subordinate staff (Kanter, 1979). Maintaining high functioning service programs, keeping a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing needs of the community at-large, and grooming subordinate staff for promotional opportunities are simultaneously integral missions of the Program Director.
The Program Director must be able to utilize both transformational and transactional leadership styles depending upon the presenting task or challenge. Leaders using transformational skills
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