The Program Evaluation Class At Delaware State University Mandated

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The Program Evaluation class at Delaware State University mandated that all students in the class of SCWR 651-60 (CRN 15732) conduct a Needs assessment of the practicum that they was attending for the semester.
In compliance to this requirement, I conducted a data collection and assessment process using the secondary data approach utilizing data from, KSCS client utilization data, summary data of Delaware Health and Social Services (DDSS), Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) and, National Survey on Drug uses and Health (NSDUH) to allow me to measure the extent of need using social indicators. By obtaining client utilization data from KSCS agency it provided many variables that indicated unmet needs. This assessment will provide detailed tables that provide estimates of substance use and mental health by key demographic categories.
In pursuing to better support Kent Sussex Community Services (KSCS) mission, this assessment will help gain a baseline understanding about programs deficits, and assess current awareness and satisfaction of the program. Applying scientific methods to identify existing needs among our substance abuse treatment center will help alleviate suffering of our clients.

Introduction Drug use affects every sector of society, straining our economy, our healthcare and criminal justice systems, and endangering the futures of young people. This needs assessment is performed to identify what additional services might be needed to…
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