The Program For Leadership Development

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For this assessment, the industry is defined as the handful of top business schools within the world that provide elite MBA degrees to Executives. The Harvard Business School (HBS) has developed a novel Business Model Innovation (BMI), by creating an alternative to the traditional Executive MBA (EMBA) format entitled the “Program for Leadership Development” (PLD). Deviating from typical Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s), the PLD is an intensive 28-week program that combines online and on campus training with a highly selective admissions process. HBS Alumni Status can be obtained through the completion of 2 additional weeks of their open enrollment or custom programs. PLD Alumni can contact HBS with specific needs, which can be fulfilled with custom course content. They also routinely receive questionnaires, through which HBS offers specific resources and courses, that are subsequently heavily marketed to them as a target audience. In doing so HBS employs push to talk, automated hovering, and tweak behavior connection strategies to various degrees. In assessing their BMI, an industry analysis of Porter’s 5 forces framework is warranted. The Threat of New Entrants within the industry is low, with incumbent firms sharing the benefits of long established brands that have large network effects. The established reputations of the firms, draws the leaders of Academia and have amassed some of the strongest Alumni Networks. Even if a new entrant could surmount the large
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