The Program For Students From Elementary Through High School And Adulthood Essay

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Title of Program: Read Naturally
Program Description:
Read Naturally is a supplemental literacy program for students from elementary through high school and adulthood. The program is designed to improve fluency, accuracy, and comprehension using text, audio CD and/or computer software. (D.O.E. 2013) Read Naturally allows teachers to individualize student instruction by utilizing story reading and repeated reading of text while allowing teachers and students to monitor their own progress. Read Naturally is delivered through audio CDs, computer software or Internet-based program with hard-copy reading materials. The goal of the program is to improve fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, vocabulary, sight words, automaticity, and comprehension. (Read Naturally Master’s Edition)
Research Base for Program:
The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) found that four out of five studies, which included 484 beginning readers from grades two to four, in more than fourteen locations, met WWC standards without reservation and one with reservation. “The WWC considers the extent of evidence for Read Naturally® on the reading skills of beginning readers to be small for two outcome domains—alphabetics and general reading achievement—and medium to large for two outcome domains—comprehension and reading fluency.” (D.O.E. 2013)
The What Works Clearinghouse describes the following studies as those that met their strict standards.
1) In 2010, Arvans conducted a randomized controlled trial of second
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