The Program Motion Picture

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In the motion picture The Program begins with the fictional ESU college football team who just finished another losing season and now looking to address their needs. ESU head coach Sam Winters goes on a recruiting trip and meet’s with Darnell Jefferson a highly recruited running back who has already spoke with the University of Michigan. A college with an appealing football program and education, Darnell’s father tells coach Winters that he is worried about his education. Coach Winters invites Darnell to visit ESU which he accepts as the scene cuts to him arriving to the College on a lavish bus greeted with a the University cheerleaders cheering his name and the College band performing at his arrival. He is personally greeted by the ESU Quarterback Joe Kane who introduces to Darnell to a beautiful girl Autumn Haley who is his guide for his visit. While on his visit Autumn takes Darnell to the ESU Stadium known as the Wolfs Den with a PA Announcer who says “Now for the Starting lineup for the ESU Timberwolves number 20 Darnell Williams” as if he was already a part of the program and playing. After a long day of touring the college Darnell and Autumn part ways with a kiss, then cuts to Darnell making his National intent of attending ESU the coming fall. This visit has numerous violations of the NCAA rules the first [B.] which states “The institution may not provide an automobile for use by the prospect” as he was brought to the university by the college bus and was
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