The Program Offers Interventions At Multiple Stages Of Individuals

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Every aspect of this program uses culturally appropriate practices. The program offers interventions at multiple stages of individuals’ time in prison and out of prison. Chapter 36 in the Race, Ethnicity, and Health book, Meredith Minkler defined community based participatory research as “systematic inquiry, with the participation of those affected by the problem, for the purposes of education and action or affecting social change.” These programs use aspects of CBPR and “cultural leverage.” Chapter 38 in the book, Fisher et. al defined cultural leverage as “a focused strategy for improving the health of racial and ethnic communities by using their cultural practices, products, philosophies, or environments as vehicles that facilitate…show more content…
This is an aspect of CBPR in which the program is collaborating with the community members to affect social change and empower them. This makes the program more effective because the prisoners and ex-prisoners will feel empowered to talk about their needs and advocate for programs or policies that will help them. The five-week education course at Lino Lakes and Rush City prisons is teaching prisoners about health topics that are important to the community. Besides HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, the course covers violence and relationships. The program is taught by a professional Health Educator. However, the program is more successful because inmates are utilized as Peer Educators. Having community members serve as Peer Educators will increase the effectiveness of the program as the community would feel more comfortable engaging in discussion about the health topics with their own people. Ex-offenders often have a difficult time transitioning back to society, finding jobs, housing, or health care out of prison. Having the case advocates to help the ex-prisoners find resources will reduce the chances of them returning to prison. The case advocates are also helping prisoners prior to release. This will better prepare them to transition back into society. Further, the case advocates are helping prisoners of color and prioritizing those with health issues. Ex-offenders will have an easier time managing their health, finding
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