The Progress Of Satellite Communications

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In the 65 years since its inception satellite communications has been, and still is today, a vital key part of peoples everyday life – receiving TV and radio; providing essential communications to remote land areas and on the sea or in the air; allowing us to see and predict our climate / environment as well as allowing us to actively position and navigate.
This paper attempts to chart the progress of satellite communications from early concepts and visions to modern day implementations. Indeed, over a few decades, progress in all satellite communications field has been quite intense. In this paper we mainly focused upon commercial service oriented developments, regretfully neglecting most of the
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In our discussion, we will run across seven decades classified as follows:

 1940-50’s—the decade of visions of satellite communications;

 1950-60’s---the realization of the visions and the early experimentation;

 1960-70’s---the era of the large International organizations and transoceanic links;

 1970-80’s---the introduction of broadcast and mobiles and the move to company use;

 1980-90’s---from national to individual usage and liberalization;

 1990-2000—innovations in business use and constellations as well as Geostationary Earth Orbits (GEOs);

 2000-2010----privatization and focus onto new technologies;

The actual journey into space began October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the world 's first orbital spacecraft, which orbited the world for three months. A month later the Soviets launched Sputnik 2 and its passenger Laika, a dog who has the distinction of being the first known living creature to escape earth and enter outerspace. The space race was on, and in February of 1958, the United States launched Explorer 1.
The first communication satellite was launched on December 18, 1958. Signal Communication by Orbital Relay (SCORE), which broadcasted a Christmas message from President Eisenhower - "Peace on Earth, Good will toward men" - orbited the earth for 12 days until the batteries failed. The main purpose of the SCORE
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