The Progression And Maturation Of Human Development

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Developmental psychologists examine the progression and maturation of human development throughout a lifetime (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). Additionally, developmental psychologists study how humans are able to acclimate to changes. Traditionally, their roles focus around the various stages during childhood and adolescence due in part to the rapid changes experienced during the first stages of life, however they are not limited to those age groups. Undergraduate and graduate degrees typically only contain limited courses specializing on human development and learning, however, at the University of Texas at Austin, there is an entire program specifically dedicated to the course of study (The University of Texas at Austin). The Ph.D. program takes approximately four years to complete and requires approval from a professor currently serving on the developmental psychology staff. Prospective candidates are held to the highest standards to ensure only the most qualified individuals enter into the respected community. Each candidate is required to instruct at least three developmental psychology classes. Furthermore in addition to their course of study, candidates are required to formulate, annotate and present a professional dissertation. Each university has varying program requirements, which ensures only the most skilled and competent individuals are eligible for graduation. This particular career has the ability to work in various environments,
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