The Progression Of Advanced Technology Single Handedly Alters Humans

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The progression of advanced technology single-handedly alters humans at a biological level and shifts human intelligence into a new frontier. We now have instantaneous access to the internet through our smart-phones and tablets, and can approach any corner of the internet within seconds at virtually any geographical location thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. The internet is in essence giving us an almost infinite amount of knowledge at speeds faster than light, it has become one of the greatest tools for academic research and the helping the quest towards intellectualism. It has become invaluable in advancing the swift rate of human evolution. While the furthering of advanced artificial intelligence and its immense depth, is…show more content…
This is the question many expert media theorists and journalists ask, and a clear answer is not manifest due to it being pure supposition and speculation, regardless of the expertise and experience of these experts. I think, along with many other distinguished technologists, that our future is optimistic, assuming we gain the power to overcome upcoming obstacles with technology in the present. We will have to learn to engineer technology based on human interaction and be able to regulate social behaviors around these particular hindrances. These issues at hand, are widely debated nowadays, and will most likely will be debated more and more as we draw nearer to the era of extraordinarily capable and powerful artificial intelligence. This subject matter brings up many inherently significant philosophical matters. This topic forces us to consider the foundation of human intelligence, and how that groundwork could be expanded upon and implemented within our future’s technology. If we surpasses innate human boundaries with technology, do our mortal understandings of ethics and morality still stand, when we are no longer the superior creatures? It is absolutely imperative that we learn to observe and define how intelligence ran within computer processors varies from the intellect that exists naturally within the human mind. To what degree will our biological
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