The Progression Of The Role Of Women

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The Progression of the Role of Women in Society
Throughout the course of history, women have widely been relegated to a position inferior to their male counterparts. Mothers, wives, caretakers of domestic life—they were expected to fill these roles and fully devote themselves to the men in their lives, all the while not considered equal to them, but rather man 's property to care for; however, in recent centuries, the status quo has started to change. As an increasing number of women sought equality among the sexes and the realization of their worth as individuals, the role of women in society adjusted to expand beyond traditional notions. While their position in the world remains unclear, it certainly continues to be questioned and challenged by millions of people around the world.
In order to understand how women’s roles have changed over time, one must first look back to the nineteenth century, when brewing tension and a rigid social climate pushed some women to act differently than others. This is evident in Jane Eyre, in which Jane rises above the constraints placed on her gender. While living at Gateshead under her aunt’s supervision, Jane distances herself from being ladylike, responding to her aunt’s harsh words with sharp statements rather than submitting to her authority as her guardian. Jane also sought to further her education, studying hard to master every subject at the Lowood boarding school and conversing with her fellow student and close friend Helen,…
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