The Progression Of Truths Within A Taxonomy

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An Essay on the Progression of Truths in a Taxonomy To begin understanding whether or not science progresses towards greater truths, truth must first be defined. It is the quality or state of conforming to fact or reality.1 As such a greater truth is one which better conforms to reality. Through scientific revolutions science progresses towards a taxonomy of greater truths. To accept this one must first understand that truths exist in science, that there are greater truths which replace falsified truths, and that science is continually building its way towards those greater truths through revolutions. For the purpose of this essay a scientific revolution is as Kuhn describes the shift from one accepted paradigm to a new one where a paradigm is considered a distinct set of concepts and theories. Science seeks to discover and explain the objective realities of our world and universe through these concepts and theories. Throughout history theories have been proposed, accepted, and replaced. This is the one constant of science in the long run; that it is always improving upon itself; our bank of knowledge is increasing. While there are periods of regression, today the world is definitively more scientifically advanced then it was a millennia ago. But why is it that we consider todays accepted paradigms to be true and the paradigms from antiquity false? The more we believe in a paradigms propositions and depend on them for performing tasks in reality, the truer they become

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