The Progression of Film

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The biggest problem humans have been having since the dawn of time is, 'how do we entertain ourselves? '. One would assume it began with fire, something that aroused the eyes and entertained the mind.Though fire may have been the beginning, centuries upon centuries later a much more highly intelligent form of entertainment revolutionized the world, motion pictures. In the dog eat dog world of entertainment Film reigns alpha dog. Film has some of the biggest influence on the world around us. It shapes our adolescence, teaching foreign things to the young developing mind. Cinema has spurred riots, love, and murder. So the question is, whats are these powerful pieces of art? "I am going to make a name for myself. If I fail, you will…show more content…
Motion pictures became the leading attractions on the vaudville bill. Owners of vaudeville theaters could choose the filmt they desired from the Edison inventory and show them in whatever order they pleased. The Edison Company developed a more efficient projector known as the Projectoscope or Projecting Kinetoscope in November 1896, and abandoned marketing the Vitascope (About). In the modern world of Film, money rules all. Critic reviews have little to do with the status of your film, production companies are typically intersted box office results. In the media, films that gross the highest are considered the best, but some patrons of cinema disagree. Many cult films such as "Napoleon Dynamite" or "Dazed and Confused" did poorly in the boxoffices and are now considered classics. This is where the politics of a sort come to play in the industry. Many directors and writers are creating works of art, in which they pour their feelings into, yet the media occasionally portrays major production companies as only being concerned with financial profit. It can create quite a quarel between the creators and the companies covering the costs. Due to ticket inflattion and the changing of currency values, it is difficult to determine what is the highest-grossing films through the entire history of motion pictures. Some say Snow White did amazing in the box office and could even compare to some of the
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