The Progressive And Gilded Age

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The Progressive and Gilded Age in America The Progressives were a group of reformers such as writers, politicians, and Social welfare advocate, etc. living mainly in cities during the early 20th century and working to change legislative issues, financial aspects, and good society. They accepted that change could originate from inside of man, and along these lines, dismisses the believe of Social Darwinism and regular determination. They were in charge of the section of many laws, including restriction, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and the Interstate Commerce Act. During this era, “People work to make themselves and the society a safer and a better place to live. The Progressive worked to make big business regulate more responsible and clean up corrupted businesses, city, improving a better working conditions etc.”(Discussion 9). New comers to the movement strived to adjust to new conditions at one hand while attempting to keep up their particular society and dialect framework with the other making a perplexing circumstance. The Progressives “offered an impressive array of reform proposals” because the American society greatly needed reconstruction. The wealth dominated the poor by taking money and leaving the rest of the society in the circle of poverty. Low wage-rates, “wages that barely kept their families alive” (Zinn 13). Perilous working conditions, with long working hours were among a few extensive issues that needed to be changed. “According to a report of the
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