The Progressive Era And New Deal Era

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The Progressive Era and the New Deal Era had a significant amount of similarities with policies and programs to reform the American society, improve lives and fight poverty in America. Although the Progressive and New Deal Era had many similarities, there were still differences between them that included the views of what needed to be done.
Both the Progressive and the New Deal Era’s main goals were to improve the American society. Both the Progressive and New Deal’s accomplishments were rooted from the economic depression and the need for change before the era, the Gilded Age in the 19th century for the Progressive era, and the Great Depression for the New Deal era.
As the Gilded Age was ending, and the Progressive Era was emerging, most American families had to live with the harsh realities of sweatshops, slums, child labor, corruption in government and businesses, disease, and racial prejudice. People started to realize that change and reform were needed, that was when muckrakers came in trying to expose and show citizens the corruption in government and business, and also the terrible conditions of the working class Americans. Soon after the muckrakers published numerous articles, books, and photographs, people demanded change. Through individual and group actions, they were able to achieve this and get policies and programs enacted.
During the Great Depression, many families were left poor with no income or savings. With manufacturing productions decreasing, prices…
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