The Progressive Era Brought Great Change For America

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The Progressive Era brought great change for America. The movement emerged during a time of great need in America. Corruption and poverty were continually growing problems. The Progressive Movement brought change for business and politics, and it also improved the daily life of an American. Looking back, the movement had its flaws. It lacked togetherness, and not all of its changes lasted. The nation’s businesses, and politics prior to the Progressive Movement is best described by Mark Twain in his book, The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today. The nation was glittering and sparkling on the surface but corrupt underneath. In politics, the government looked the other way. In Joseph Keppler’s famous “Bosses of the Senate” cartoon, he depicted the big business owners as moneybags looking over the congressmen. This was an accurate view at how the government was run. The government never attempted anything that was against what the businesses wanted. If a politician did rebel, he would not win a reelection. Big businesses were continually growing, and along with it, disparity. The industries had no competition amongst each other. One person or group was in total control of an industry, and because of that, they could do as they pleased. Railroad rates, for example were as high as the owner wanted. Since there was only one railroad, people had no choice but to spend whatever the individual asked. Once the Progressive Era began, these political and business issues were taken care of.…
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