The Progressive Era

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Samson Wilson Mr. Mckown Government 08 September 2017 The Amendments of the Progressive Era The Progressive Era a time of political, social, and economic change. A era that would reshape America. A era also full of government corruption crimes, and the very first gangsters. It is important to know of this era, for without it we would be a much divided and weaker country. There was many other changes that occurred, but let us look at changes that would be made permanently to our government. These changes would be absolutely essential to our future as a country. These are amendments, something that is not easily done, nor easily moved. Events pushed the progressive era amendments to be passed through. Women before World War I had one purpose in the past, and that was to listen to their husbands. Men did the work and women stayed home. They didn't dare break the social standard. They instead stayed home, cooked, and in general stayed quiet. This all changed though when the Great War broke out. Men left home to fight overseas and women quickly filled the vacant jobs caused by their absence. As they worked they learned to be independent. When the men came back after the war they soon discovered this for themselves. One of the things these “new women” fought for was the right to vote. Before women were seen as mentally weaker than men, and thus shouldn't had the right to vote.(Judith McDonough) But this didn't stop women. They had won the hard fight on August 18, 1920.(National
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