The Progressive Era

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1--Discuss, in detail, the main overall goals of the Progressives. The Progressive Era was mainly a retaliation to numerous changes and social effects that were happening in America. The era emerged in the 1800’s from complications with the latest industrial order, which included workers who protested about how their jobs were unsafe and exhausting. They also focused on byproducts such as immigration, urban growth, growing corporate power, and widening class divisions. They were also known as humanitarians or reformers who cared about making people lives more bearable and enjoying. They demanded stricter business regulations and favored immigration restrictions. They believed that social problems could be solved by education and organized effort. They figured since advantages such as technology and science created a lot of industrial problems, they could correct and solve them too. However, their ideas was not invented in America, but instead it came from European influences. The middle class progressives were afraid of being over powered by the industrialist class of big businesses, while at the same time they were confident and comfortable in their situation. It was also stated that the middle-class reformers supported the reform for the working class, because the middle class were scared of a growing lower class that could potentially “overpower” the middle class if something did not change. The women Progressives focused on causes such as world peace and women’s rights.

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