The Progressive Era Of America

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The Progressive Era was a period that changed America greatly due to political reforms and social activism. This era brought forth many changes in America and almost all Americans were involved in this movement somehow. This period began in the late 1800s and lasted until the mid-1900s. The Progressive Era was one of the biggest movements in America. The main point of this movement was to purify the government. Several historians have wrote excerpts on their perspective of the Progressive Era. George Mowry, Joseph Huthmacher, and Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore are three key Progressive historians. In their writings, each of the historians explain who the Progressives were, who was affected during this time, events that took place in the community and government, and other topics. The first historian, George Mowry, wrote a piece called “Progressivism: Middle Class Disillusionment”. Mowry describes the progressives as “self-made” men, who were around the ages of 38-42, they were native born Americans who were educated. Mowry also explains the Progressives were conservative and considered good servants to the people. The occupations of the Progressives were very widespread ranging from lawyers to newspaper editors and then to independent manufactures. Basically, Progressives were considered people who were able to survive. In Mowry’s writings he explained how there was no Orientals, whites held the supremacy. The Progressives wanted everything to be about the whites, they did not
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