The Progressive Era Of American History

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The period that carved a spot in American history was referred to as the “Progressive Era” (1900-1920). It came about when both old and new concerns and problems about the lives of many Americans emerged. The Progressive Era reformers as well as the federal government were successful in altering certain problems in society but was limited by specific factors outside their circle. Trust-busting, consumer protection, and women suffrages are the major reforms that the reformers and federal government established. Although there were other issues that the federal government and reformers failed to improve or solve, they accomplished most of their objectives.
Trust-busting was one of the federal government’s major reform movement. The federal government thought that they needed to improve the trust-busting because the issue got to the point where government was just randomly picking and choosing who were bad and good. President Theodore Roosevelt was the most active in trust busting that they gave him and William Howard Taft an informal name called Trustbusters. In the Washington Post cartoon, it illustrated President Theodore Roosevelt attacking the bad trusts and destroying them by killing them with a shooting gun. The cartoon also showed how Roosevelt was restraining the good trusts by putting a leash on them [Document A]. This demonstrated how effective the reformers and federal government in improving trust busting. Reformers can now distinguish the good trust from the bad
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