The Progressive Era Of The United States

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George F. Will once said, “The United States is a successful nation that is constantly susceptible to melancholy because things are not perfect.” During the 1880’s to the 1920’s this statement seemed to be true about America but this sadness was not seen from the outside. The Progressive Era brought out these issues and made everyone aware of them. This era was a period in the United States that consisted of social activism and political reforms. The importance of this era was the passing of labor laws, anti-trust laws, unionization for important industries and the introduction of four new amendments in the constitution.

Children have been servants throughout human history. Employers were taking advantage of children by making them work very long days and work in dangerous conditions. Children laborers also lacked an education due to the long hours they worked. Children worked to help support families but yet got very little pay. Reformers and labor organizers wanted to restrict children labor and improve the working conditions. Most Americans would never agree, they wanted adults to run the work world and rather give any available job to an adult than a child. The education reformers battled the vast majority of America because of their opinions on child education. (I. Yellowitz) After a while, primary school education was a necessity. This education would improve their self-fulfillment and the advancement of the United States. The Fair Labor Standards Act was designed
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