The Progressive Era Was A Political Movement

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The Progressive Era was a political movement aimed towards eliminating the influence and corruption of corporations in politics, and making the California government more of a democracy. This took place at the beginning of the 20th century and started in the local government of big cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. At this time corporations held monopolies and these corporations, due to their size and power, were able to control much of the economic policy of the time. James Madison, a federalist and writer of Federalist #10, believed that humans were too ignorant and/or too selfish to govern themselves. The Progressives worked to shift the power with political reforms such as nonpartisanship, office block ballots, primary elections and direct democracy. Madison would have opposed these reforms because of his views on humanity. Nonpartisanship means that the candidate does not affiliate with a certain party. This was one reform brought on by the Progressive Movement. Another reform was office block ballots. Before office block ballots, voters would vote for a political party instead of individual candidates. Both of these reforms made a more direct and democratic election in which a vote went towards a specific person instead of a party. Voting directly for a candidate meant a voter would know exactly where that candidate stood on specific issues, making it harder for a specific party to be swayed one way by political corporations. Both of these methods are…
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