The Progressive Era in America

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This was a time of enormous social, political, and economic change that touched every aspect of American life. The progressivism movement centered on elements of humanity and promoted liberation in order to stimulate human force as well as human potential to remove the restraints of liberalization. By the late nineteenth century, after decades of expansion due to the push westward and years of growth due to the Industrial Revolution, the United States had truly become a modern nation. Just like any other movements or revolutions in the history of any country on planet Earth, this progressive¬¬¬ movement was not a quick process and did not start in all a sudden that it took couple tens of years for the whole process.
After the Civil War, the nation changed politically, economically and culturally. The Civil War was fought to keep the states united, but the truth was that it was fought over power and the root of all evil - money. During the “Gilded Age,” the corporations grew in terms of power and size massively, and started getting involved into national entities. Some were further developed into trusts, cartels or monopolies. They killed off the local or small businesses with a small amount of money that they would not care about and took over the majority market with high price and income. Instead of a decline of forceful leadership in Washington, there were…
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