The Progressive Movement Of The United States

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The Progressive Movement The rapid industrialization of United States in the late part of the 19th Century challenged the political, economic and judicial system in every possible way. The impeachment of President Andrew Johnson weakened the executive branch for many years until President Theodore Roosevelt came into power. A new progressive movement of positive government started emerging at both federal and state level. This government was ought to take a more proactive role to reform government that could address the new needs of society, like the access to public education, better economic policies to benefit the middle class, improve their working conditions, and access to health care. United States Supreme Court in some ways tried to restrict the power of federal and state government. The Court benefited the wealthy class, businesses and corporations while other times allowed the federal government to expand their power especially through the “commerce clause”. The purpose of this paper to explain and describe the most significant series of cases that marked the history of the Court from the Progressive Movement to the beginning of the 1920’s, how each branch of government acted or worked, and how government interacted with people in light of this change. One of the first cases that significantly expanded the power of the federal government is Champion v Ames. Under the commerce clause the federal government found an avenue to control in this case the sale or
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