The Progressive Movement in the US Essay

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In the first article, The Failure of Progressivism by Richard Abrams, he says the progressives mostly sought to introduce old moral beliefs on Americans by trying to integrate Immigrants by making them accept the ways of American life. But Abrams states those goals were ruined for important motives. One being the movement failed because of racism, which was widespread, throughout this time era. Abrams also considers the new scientific developments concerning culture and race affected the movement in a relevant manner. Conversely, progressives thought differently and felt that they need to integrate all cultures to fit it in to the American lifestyle. Abrams goes on to say that people started coming to the conclusion that “cultural…show more content…
They also thought the disreputable events that were publicized by Muckrakers and the “antibusiness emotion” made progressivism prosper. Link and McCormick go on to explain we must differentiate each reform in the progressive movement and examine its reasoning and outcomes afterwards. Like Abrams, they too believe science affected the reforms and referred to the new knowledge of social science. Link and McCormick stand by the multiple failures of the progressive movement by stating, “the effort to change so many things all at once, and the grandiose claims made for the moral and material betterment which would result, meant that disappointments were bound to occur." Backing up their reason for not entirely blaming the reformers for the failure of progressive movement because they had attempted alternative methods. Link and McCormick also remind us that the progressives published their failures for others to see and remark upon. The progressives recognized each cultural group in the U.S. had different interests, hindering the collaboration of the nation as a whole. Abrams thought similarly except that our nation was forcing the different cultures to be more Anglo-Protestant. Link and McCormick acknowledge the progressives failed to remove social clash and their reforms did not complete the intent that they were made for. But the progressives had small accomplishment and “brought major innovations to almost every facet of public life in the United States." The
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