The Progressive Movement in the United States Essay

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Herbert Croley viewed America as a movement of public opinion. which believed itself to be and called itself essentially progressive. Cooley explained that for a long time it was common for a man who participated in political life to be either a republican or democrat, but now the politician was being based on his relation to the progressive movement. He explained that political leaders, who have did well of their party but who have offended the progressives, are retiring or are being retired from the public. Cooley feels that political leaders still pride themselves upon their conservatism, but conservatives, that come from any other part of the country except the South, often pay for their cando by their early retirement. Conservatism…show more content…
Deb's feels that the working class must get rid of the masters and exploiters, and put themselves in possession and control of the means of production. He says that they may have steady employment without consulting a capitalist employer, and that they may get the wealth and enjoy with their families the joys of comfortable and happy homes, food, clothing and all the other things necessary to life. He stresses that the capitalist system must be overthrown and that there is but one way to relieve poverty and to free labor, and that is by making common property of the tools of labor. He states that Republicans, Democrats, Populists, Prohibitionists, Single Taxers are having their eyes opened to the true nature of the struggle. In Woodrow Wilson's the New Freedom he refers many times to Theodore Roosevelt's platform about the good and bad trusts. Roosevelt suggested that all the trusts should be made good by discipline, directly applied by a commission of executive appointment. Wilson did not distinguish between "good" trusts and "bad" trusts any trust by virtue of its large size was bad in Wilson's eyes. New Freedom had three goals Lowering the protective tariff, creating a better banking system, and strengthening antitrust laws. If these goals were met he thought control by monopolies would end and freedom would be restored.

In Theodore Roosevelt's New Nationalism
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