The Progressive Republican Views Of The State After World War II Essay

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Born in Los Angeles, California on March 19,1891, raised in Bakersfield, California and attended UC Berkley this California native would be the Progressive Republican who reshapes many aspects of California in his three terms as Governor. Being modest and a realist, were key components in Earl Warren’s success. Although many may have disagreed with Earl Warren’s leadership, he made profound impacts on California by shaping the state after World War II, taking on controversial issues and bringing lasting changes to California. The profound impacts he made on shaping California after World War II begun during his time as California’s Attorney General and continued with him into his Governorship. With World War II ending California would continue to experience an unpredictable expansion socially, economically, and also set a proactive state government which was led by the Governor during this time of change. Since California was experiencing a time of expansion, re-shaping its post war economy and continuing thriving programs were crucial. California Progressivism was key behind all of these movements which ultimately shifted California’s role in the nation and gave the sense that the war was a defining moment in the state’s history. A new economy allowed for many of the state’s original industries helped in the post war growth. These industries established themselves during the war unlike other industries throughout the country, and by doing so helped the state more post war.

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