The Progressive Thinker Of My Family

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Coming from a very conservative background I prefer to think of myself as the progressive thinker of my family. I grew up going to church every Sunday, attended Christian youth camp during the summer, and later decided to volunteer in the children’s ministry when I got older. I still value and implement the significant principles I have been taught: including love, compassion, and empathy. But as I’ve grown into adulthood and formed opinions and views of my own, the one thing I feel that was never stressed enough in church was to accept everyone as they are. After all, shouldn’t love, compassion and empathy encompass acceptance?
My parents are of different races, my mother being white and my father being black. In a sizeable and more culturally diverse city I probably would not have been perceived as much different from other children. However, in the small town of St. Marys, Ohio where I grew up, my younger brother and I were the only kids in our school with kinky hair and a darker complexion.

Out of the countless times people have pointed out that I looked different, from prior boyfriends family members whispering in front of me that their son was “dating a black girl”, to the swastikas drawn on my locker in high school, I still can clearly remember the very first time I got called the “N” word. I was just a young little girl in elementary school and didn’t even know what it meant. I went home and told my mother… “A boy at school called me a nigger today”. She said it…

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