The Prohibition Of Alcohol Drinking Age

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Four Score, and three years ago,our fathers ended our countries prohibition of alcohol. Are country now is still fighting a prohibition,a prohibition not allowing people under the age of 21 consume alcohol. This issue is often just thrown off to the side of the many politicians, but this issue is a major issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. There are 18 year olds risking their lives on the blood drenched war zones. They are fighting and risking their lives to give us the right to drink, and they cannot legally even enjoy an alcoholic beverage. This is a major problem we as Americans need to fix. (Insert thesis here) There are millions of minors who drink all across America. Minors deliberately disobey this law and drink as they please. This causes the law to be ineffective because, this law does not prevent minors who want to drink from drinking (Drinking Age Pro Minors disobey this law so often we might as well lower the drinking age to 18, so that it might counteract all the teen binge drinking that happens daily. 18 should be the drinking age because, 18 year olds are old enough to, get married, join the army, buy lottery tickets, sign legal documents, and are even considered legal adults in the United States. 18 year olds can do anything that a legal adult can do, besides drink alcohol. If the drinking age was lowered minors who drink would not be afraid to call for help if needed (Drinking Age Pro An example of this happened to an
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